What did I learn this week (2021) - 20

  1. Learned how to redirect to PWA when the user clicks the notification. Recently I've been struggling with some of the PWA features of my 'Cowin Helper' app and learned a ton of about it. If possible I'll write everything in a separate blog.
  2. Learned about the Back/Forward Cache concept to improve the browsing experience. Some tips for optimizing your webpage for bfcache:
    • Never use the unload event
    • Only add beforeunload listeners conditionally.
    • Avoid window.opener references
    • Always close open connections before the user navigates away
    • Test to ensure that the pages are cacheable
  3. Learned how to customize PWA app installation.
  4. Learned about Couchbase database and did a poc using its dotnet sdk. Understood how it stores data under the hood and process of replication.
  5. Started using idb-keyval as a wrapper over browser indexedb. It was easy to get started and small in sized. One catch is that it can create only one default store, if you want to create more than one stores used idb