What did I learn this week (2021) - 14

  1. Candling is a method used in embryology to study the growth and development of an embryo inside an egg. A youtube shorts video helped me to learn this.
  2. Jerusalem syndrome is a group of mental phenomena involving the presence of religiously-themed obsessive ideas, delusions, or other psychosis-like experiences that are triggered by a visit to the city of Jerusalem. The religious focus of Jerusalem syndrome distinguishes it from other phenomena, such as Stendhal syndrome in Florence or Paris syndrome in Paris.
  3. While trying to learn system design, I found a very good technical blog by Tian Pan
  4. Learned about 39 cloud design patterns.
  5. Bulkhead: One of the 39 cloud pattern is named after the bulkhead of ships. A bulkhead is an upright wall within the hull of a ship or within the fuselage of an aeroplane.
  6. List of curated lists for (Thanks to Shresya Doshi):
  7. SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages.
  8. There are 5 Pontoon bridges over Suez Canal. A pontoon bridge (or ponton bridge), also known as a floating bridge, uses floats or shallow-draft boats to support a continuous deck for pedestrian and vehicle travel. The buoyancy of the supports limits the maximum load they can carry.
  9. Market Based Management (MBM) Guiding Principles
    • Integrity
    • Compliance
    • Value Creation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Customer Focus
    • Knowledge
    • Change
    • Humility
    • Respect
    • Fulfillment