What did I learn this week (2021) - 09

  1. Refreshed my knowledge of Indian traffic signs from the site indianauto.com.
  2. 21 smart SEO tips for 2021. I've implemented most of them in my personal site.
  3. MediatR is a library for the implementation of 'Mediator' pattern in dotnet. I've blogged about it a two part series.
  4. Difference between x64 and ARM 64 from a Quora Answer.Though the differences are bit blurred nowadays, ARM64 is a 64 bit chipset for mobile and portable devices with less energy consumption and low performance. On the other hand x64 is a 64 bit chipset based on x86 architecture for high performance computing.
  5. in parameter modifier: This feature was introduced in C# 7.2. Decreasing the cost of passing larger structs is the motivating scenario for the feature. More details can be found in an SO discussion on the same topic.
  6. Use of CancellationToken. This was a new feature for me and I did a poc on it. You can read about its implementation in by blog post.
  7. notiz.dev is a beautiful blog developed with Angular, Scully and Tailwind. This week I've removed material libraries from my personal site and switched to Tailwind. I've shamelessly copied a lot of good practices from the source code of notiz.dev.
  8. utterances is a lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues. This is one of the innovative use cases of an existing, fool-proof system. Need to add it to my blog soon.