What did I learn this week (2021) - 08

  1. Adam Curtis - I came to know about this British documentary film maker recently, when his new documentary released. He has a unique style of making and his subjects are unconventional. His documentaries are available in his youtube channel. I didn't get time to watch it, but need to do that soon.
  2. Jacquard By Google is a platform for embedding sensors and feedback devices in fabrics and clothing in ways that seem natural and comfortable. In one basic use-case, users can provide input to a mobile phone by touching or stroking the garment in a designated location. Honestly I'm not impressed by this tech and my thoughts are perfectly summed up by someone in the HN comment.
  3. Jacquard Machine: The Jacquard machine is a device fitted to a loom that simplifies the process of manufacturing textiles with such complex patterns as brocade, damask and matelassé.The resulting ensemble of the loom and Jacquard machine is then called a Jacquard loom. The machine was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1804.
  4. Compodoc is a documentation tool for Angular applications. It generates a static documentation of your application.
  5. Olx wasn't an Indian company. Damn, I don't know how I got that idea but until last week i was considering olx as an indian company. Recently I watched a video related to AWS presented by Olx engineers and to my surprise they weren't Indians and I googled the company for the first time. OnLine eXchange also known as OLX Group is a Dutch-domiciled online marketplace headquartered in Amsterdam, and owned by Prosus, the international assets division of Naspers, founded in 2006 and operating in 45 countries.
  6. Teller: A bank teller is an employee of a bank who deals directly with customers. In some places, this employee is known as a cashier or customer representative.
  7. Variable Reward: Variable reward (or unpredictable reward or variable schedule reward) is reward delivered intermittently. The reinforcement schedule is often designed to maximize behavior. Three Types of Variable Rewards:
    • Rewards of the Tribe
    • Rewards of the Hunt
    • Rewards of the Self