What did I learn this week (2021) - 03

  1. The use of Form 12BB. The Form 12BB is the form that you fill and give to your employer - not to the Income Tax Department - so that your employer can figure how much income tax is to be deducted from your monthly pay.

“Here's the thumb rule : The more tax deductible allowances, exemptions and investments you claim, the less income tax(TDS) your employer will deduct from your paycheck”

  1. Birds have a semi transparent eyelid that protects their eyes while flying. Nictitating membrane of birds. I learned about this while watching a video from the youtube channel 'Daily Dose of Internet'

  2. There are three types of 'Nettipattoms' (face ornament of elephants in Kerala)

  3. Aaron Swartz's Amazon wishlist, which is a good collection of interesting books. Aaron Swartz died on Jan 11 8 years ago.

  4. In physics, the n-body problem is the problem of predicting the individual motions of a group of celestial objects interacting with each other gravitationally. The three-body problem is a special case of n-body problem and there is a famous Chinese novel series associated with it.

  5. Came to know about Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum and his blog.

  6. LGTM acronym found in Github stands for 'Looks Good To Me.'

  7. People donate more to charity when they know a single victim’s story, versus statistics of a thousand deaths. It’s called the Identifiable Victim Effect.

  8. A hypervisor, also known as a virtual machine monitor or VMM, is software that creates and runs virtual machines (VMs). A hypervisor allows one host computer to support multiple guest VMs by virtually sharing its resources, such as memory and processing. The machine on which VMs are created is called host machine and the created machines are called guest machines.