What did I learn this week (2021) - 02

  1. Watched the Scott Wlashin talk - The Functional Programming Toolkit and I got a high level understanding of Monad, Monoid, Functor and Effects.

  2. I came to know that largest terrestial vehicle is a German made 'Bagger 288' whose construction is completed in 1978.

  3. There is a deep learning based ai tool for colorizing old images, and it is working pretty good with my given samples. Source code of this tool is available in github.

  4. I was browsing reddit and reading old CIA/KGB jokes. From one of the jokes I learned that the elite police tactical unit of France is known as GIGN.

  5. Learned about the reason behind the two google outages happend in 14th December, 2020. It is summarised in my blog post.

  6. If you want to take a back up of your data in Google services:

    • Go to takeout.google.com;
    • Select the services and click next
    • Choose file type, frequency and destination
    • Click export

    When the files are ready you'll get an email with download link.

  7. Today I found some free and open-source resume builders.:

  8. Refreshed my idea regarding tail call optimisation with the help of this excellent blog.

  9. Facebook Senior Software Engineer - Interview Guide